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ќткрытое акционерное общество „ел€бинский јвтомеханический завод
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Valve tappets
Valve tappets

CHAMZ today

More than 40 years Chelyabinskyi avtomechanicheskyi zavod (CHAMZ) is one of the most important suppliers of engine components to the leading motor and automobile assembling plants in Russia and other countries of CIS. Our reputation for excellence is based on a wide product range produced to superior quality standards. CHAMZ customers acknowledge high quality and outstanding performance of its products.

Chelyabinsk is situated 1950 km to the south-east of Moscow in the South Urals. Chelyabinsk is a big industrial city with the population of more than 1.1 mln people. The biggest Russian metallurgical, metal-working and engineering industrial enterprises are situated in the Chelyabinsk region.

    Brief information:

    Х Ownership: 100% private company
    Х Founded in 1941
    Х Employee: 480 persons
    Х Customers of engine components: Zavolzhskyi motornyi zavod (Russia), KAMAZ-Diezel (Russia), Volzhskiye motori (Russia), Minskyi motornyi zavod (Belorussia), Ulyanovskyi motornyi zavod (Russia) & others.
    Х Quality: ISO 9001 - 2001

CHAMZ has two separate independent productive divisions: engine components production and special vehicles production.

Engine components product range

CHAMZ is focused on small and middle-size single components. Our product range comprises at least 3 basic product groups: valves, valve tappets to the gas exchange engine systems, piston pins and other. 

Dimensions, mm Valve variety 
Length 100-230 Intake, exhaust
Head diameter 30-60 Monometallic, bimetallic
Stem diameter 6-12 Seat coatedNatrium (Sodium) filled
Chromium plated

Dimensions, mm Tappet variety 
Length 55-65 Cylindrical, mushroom-like
Outside diameter 25-35 Working end surface is coated by chilled cast iron