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Valve tappets
Valve tappets

Quality management system

Priority is always given to the questions of CHAMZ products quality.

In 1976 the complex quality management system was implemented at the plant. Its motto read: CHAMZ production must satisfy the most demanding quality requirements. The more complex tasks were the more perfect quality management system became.

In 1994 CHAMZ top-management decided to start implementing at the plant a new version of QMS, meeting the requirements of the international standards ISO 9000. Its goal was to strengthen the plants competitive advantages, to keep steady customers and to attract new clients.

In 1997 the renewed QMS was installed. It gave a powerful impulse to standardization of all business processes and to further products quality improvement. The new QMS proved to be viable and resultful. JSC Chelyabinskiy avtomechanicheskiy zavod turned to be the first industrial enterprise in Chelyabinsk to develop and successfully certify QMS in accordance with the international quality standard GOST R ISO 9002-96. It happened in March, 1999.

It was a great start for further improvement and extension of the QMS at the plant. On the basis of international standards ISO version 2000 our specialists elaborated and put into practice the process approach to all spheres and activities. The renewed QMS was twice again successfully recertified (in 2003 and in 2006) to meet the requirements of standard GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (Certificate No. RU.UC 52.K00035 ).

By 2008 QMS had been improved and adopted to meet the requirements of standard GOST 15.002-2003.

The ordinary recertification auditing to standard GOST ISO 9001-2008 is planned for 2010.

Now we intend to further optimize the organizational structure of our enterprise and to apply new up-to-date methods of quality management, such as FMEA, SP, MSA. We are aimed at the fulfillment of the requirements of standards ISO/TU 16949 (GOST R 51814.1-2004). We are working on the implementation of ecological management system in accordance with standard GOST R ISO 14001-2007 and labor safety management system in accordance with standard OHSAS 18001-2007.

Our customers value our reliability and quality, which is proved by multiple awards for delivering outstanding quality.

In 2003 CHAMZ was admitted to be the best industrial enterprise in Tractorozavodskyi district of Chelyabinsk city in Industry nomination.

In 2007 CHAMZ gained the Chelyabinsk Region Governor Award for best quality in Industry nomination.

CHAMZ products (valves) have been registered in the official catalogue 100 best products of the Urals Federal District -2007.

Nowadays CHAMZ completely realizes the whole production cycle manufacturing valves and tappets, using progressive processes of friction welding, chrome plating, seat coating, using high quality materials and heat and wear-resistant alloys. It guarantees reliable and long-lasting functioning of automobile engines. All CHAMZ products are certified.
Certificates: RU.MP02.B02131, RU.MP02.H01914, RU.MP02.H02132

Now CHAMZ is actively working at the tasks of widening its product range and expanding the production.

We look optimistically into the future acknowledging that CHAMZ has great potential and strong will to make its products, services and competences better, better and better.