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Valve tappets
Valve tappets



Combustion engine valves function in extreme mechanical, chemical and thermodynamical conditions.

While engine operating valve head temperature exceeds 800°C, valve stem withstands cyclic stretching forces of the spring, valve stem surface is exposed to high tribological factors, stem tip undergoes intensive contact loads. Valves meet very strict technical and quality demands.

CHAMZ due to its many years of experience successfully complies with these demands using up-to-date engineering solutions, working in close cooperation with the leading motor manufacturers and research institutions of the country.

Single and multi-material valves are manufactured from heat resistant steels and alloys. In the process of special treatment these materials obtain additional solidity, corrosion-resistance, scale-resistance, hardness that prevents a bevelled valve head edge from crushing by a valve seat or by hard pieces that get from a combustion chamber into a valve seat lash.

Hot extrusion and electroupsetting methods as well as heat treatment provide optimal structure of valve forgings.

Depending on the operation conditions valves are seat coated (1). Cast and metal-ceramic rings are used for seat coating. Stem end is reinforced by welded wear-resistant alloy tip (2). Valves are hardened and chromium plated (3). Some types of valves are gun-drilled and sodium-filled.

CHAMZ is the only valve manufacturer in Russia that can produce gun-drilled and sodium-filled valves.

We have special automatic lines of machines for tooling valves. To provide extra-fine dimensional parameters of details with micron tolerances CHAMZ uses unique grinding equipment.

Quality control is highly automated, we use multiple test methods.

We strive to supply only 100% perfect engine components. Our highly-qualified personnel, quality management system, modern technologies, specialized machinery and constant improvement efforts with regard to manufacturing – all this guarantee reliability and smooth operation of our valves.

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